Saturday, 4 July 2015

Player Profile: Rob Yates

PHOTO: 17 Year-Old Rob Yates
The Rams have been working very closely with the local schools to produce young talent with, one of those being Robert Yates.The 17 year-old who studies at Rastrick High Sixth Form has already participated in two major finals, within the year.

“I was largely influenced by a P.E Teacher (Matt Whiteley) who we actually didn't know at the time played for Great Britain and England.” Yates said.

“It become one of our most popular sports in the school, everyone liked it.” He continued. “I think the fact that it was new and something that nobody had heard of before, made it an attractive sport that everyone wanted to try out, especially me.”

Over the years, AFL has become a regular activity in the school, with many students taking part, increasing the profile of the sport.

“The setups at the school is great, because that's what you want. You want new young players, finding a love for a sport, which has only just started to kick off in this country.” He added. “Also, it’s a great way to get the youth involved, especially when they have no choice but to try it out at school and it can be played by everyone. It's a different sport that's what’s the best thing about it.”

The school now have three major sports, Football, Rugby and now Aussie rules as part of the Physical Education subject. The variety of sports has certainly benefited many upcoming sportsmen allowing them to experience a different kind of game.

Robert also has the full support of his family and friends who turn up to watch some of his games. He played in the Haggis Cup, where he was the youngest player to score in the final.

This is his second season with the team and was part of the recent squad who won the Brit Cup, hosted by the Rams.

“They are a great bunch of lads. It was amazing to be part of the squad and win it, it was a real achievement for both myself and the club.”

Robert's talent is unquestionable and it won't be long before we see yet another Ram pull on the famous England and Great Britain guernseys.

By Shummell Uddin

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