Saturday, 30 May 2015

Player Profile: Aaron Cresswell

One of Huddersfield Rams youngest players is Aaron Cresswell, who is only just 16 years-old.

Aaron studies at Rastrick High School, where AFL is now a regular sport in lessons. Matt Whiteley who is the P.E teacher at the school, is also the Head Coach of the Rams.

Whitely teaches the sport at school and is always scouting for talent such as Aaron.

“It became a regular sport in or P.E sessions and from there many of us have taken a keen interest in the sport, it has become really popular. Aaron explained.

“Now you have kids asking the teachers when they will be playing AFL next, that's how much excitement there is within the school surrounding the sport.”

His fellow student Robert, who is 17, also plays for the Rams. However, unlike Roberts family and friends, Aaron family don't really know about the sport just yet, something which he hopes to change very soon.

The 16-year-old has been playing and training with the Ram for two years now but is yet take part in a national tournament. Yet, he was a member of the team who won the Brit Cup.

“It was amazing all the support we got from everyone, the whole were supportive with each other which lead to our success,“ he explained.

But for Aaron, AFL is not about winning trophies but enhancing his personal skills. The game has allowed him to grow as a person.

“Its boosted my confidence, I’ve learnt team skills, how to work together and for one another.” He added. “I’ve also made a lot of new friends through the sport which has helped me to gain a lot of social and people skills.”
The Rastrick High School pupil also said how he looks up to Rams most gifted player Luke Booth as an inspiration.

“Luke, his part of the European Legion team, so you look up to him and learn a lot of him. He will give you a lot of stick but at the same time he helps you out and shows you what you need to do to improve the game.” Aaron said.

Aaron is hoping that next year he will shine, and finally get his chance to make the England squad in the near future. One thing is for sure; this young man has the right character in the making of a great professional.

By Shummell Uddin

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