Tuesday, 18 February 2014

THE FANS VIEW: Rams v Tyne Tees Tigers

PHOTO: The fans & the benches
Rams fan Mark Bickerdike gave his thoughts on the home win against Tyne Tees Tigers on Saturday. He enjoyed the contest and believes the club has great leadership.

Mark said it was "a great game, Tyne Tees obviously have some great players and good coaching going on and the Rams got to play a few newbies who took the bull by the horns and were constantly encouraged to go for goal. I loved the fun spirit of the Rams squad even in the freezing, biting wind.

PHOTO: The Umpire
"This is not Australia and fingers do freeze which makes catching harder, resulting in a few more rucks but at least even these were managed well by the umpire with humour. 

"I listened to the team talks in the breaks and they were always inspirational and motivational, great leadership there. Always impressed by the friendship between the team, always good advice and support for the newbies and the BOOM must be heard for miles. Thanks for a great couple of hours and can't wait for warmer days to watch some great flowing attractive football."

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