Thursday, 20 August 2015

Player Profile: Luke Booth

Luke Booth, who first started out playing rugby, has gone on to become one of the most decorated and talented players for the Huddersfield Rams in Aussie Rules Football.
“ I used to play down at Lockwood Park, where the Rams used to be based. One day Karl Haigh, who set up the Rams, came and asked us if we would like to play. He offered to do an introductory session and from there it just started,” explains Luke.

Since he started playing the sport in 2010, Booth has gone on to win countless trophies, playing both at national and international level.

“Playing for the national side is great because it’s not a saturated sport,” he added. ”It’s easier to get in to but it doesn’t make it any less of a challenge or achievement to play for England. Everyone is doing their best to win the European trophy. 

The quality of the players at National level is much higher. We have a great team here at Huddersfield, however with the England squad there is no weak player in terms of performance, skill and strength. Also, it pushes you to the limit to see how good you can become” Booth said.

A unique talent, the 23 year-old has won many individual accolades such as the golden boot and top scorer for the past four seasons for the Rams.

He has also been selected for the team of the tournament in the Euro Cup 2012 in Edinburgh after his spectacular performance for the National side.

“ It was the first time I had played for England and therefore I was pretty nervous, I just did my own thing and managed to get recognised by umpires.” he described.

Booth also featured for the European Islands team against the European Continent, arguably his biggest achievement till date.

Furthermore, he went on to play at the Oval Cricket ground against Europe’s best players as a curtain raiser before the AFL European challenge clash.

AFL is still a fairly new sport in the U.K but it is clear Luke enjoys it more than any other sport.

“ For me, it's the best sport I’ve played, it’s for everyone.” He said. “There is so many different aspects to the game and its fast. You meet players from all over the country, its just brilliant. Otherwise, normally you would be just playing locally. “
With the departure of one of the coaches, Luke’s experience has seen him being promoted to assistant Coach, a role that he very much enjoys.

“I do some training drills from the stuff I have learnt with Europe and help develop the team especially the younger lads. As a coach, there is more responsibilities now, organising and making sure we have players available for games."

Luke added yet another trophy to his cabinet, helping the Rams win the Brit Cup. Having nearly won everything it wont be long till he moves out to Australia and test him self against the elite, a challenge which he should overcome easily with his ability.

By Shummell Uddin

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