Wednesday, 26 February 2014

On and Off Field Kit Order Coming Soon!

Below are the details of Rams on and off-field clothing for the upcoming season.

PHOTO: Off-field polo.

Playing Kit:
Shirt and Shorts cost £45
Shirt £26
Shorts 19

*We have a number of kits in stock so they will be available immediately

Off Field Kit:

Polo Shirt £20
Training / Casual Shorts £10
Jacket £52
Tracksuit Pants £29

* We will look to possibly give members a rebate on the polo shirt if all the monies / sponsorship work out how we hope
* The polo shirt would be what we would like players to purchase if you can
* Nothing will be ordered without money up front
* Matt Whiteley has the mock ups for you to try on for size
* If you would like me to look into other kit (training vest £17, Hoodie £25) let me know and I'll get a design mocked up

* Message me to get bank details

* The turn around for these items would be around 5 weeks so to ensure we have everything ready for the Haggis Cup (12th April!) the deadline for all orders will be the 9TH OF MARCH


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