Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Rams Triumph in 2013 Movember Cup

Victorious Rams - Photo Courtesy of Manchester Mosquitoes
In the Movember Cup final, the Huddersfield Rams were up against the Birmingham Sharks university side for their third match each, consisting of two 20-minute halves under the floodlights of the 3G astro-turf pitch. 

The pitch proved popular all day as it produced a faster surface and predictable ball bounces during the muddier time of the year for the grass pitch. The more familiar Rams had brought a strong squad who were clearly there to play some competitive footy, against a relatively unknown Sharks side who looked strong and professional from the start of the tournament. The Rams repeated some classy work which saw them defeat their Manchester hosts in their previous match and claim the final spot, with some strong forward movement and typically effective disposals under pressure. The final score was Rams 10.6.66 – 4.6.30 Sharks.

Scores round-up

Group A

Mozzies 10.9.69 – 3.5.23 Bears

Rams 13.17.95 – 1.3.9 Bears

Rams 13.10.88 –5.3.33 Mozzies

Group B

Sharks 14.14.98 – 1.4.10 Tyne Tees

Thunderwolves 12.15.87 – 1.1.7 Tyne Tees

Sharks 9.6.60 – 3.6.24 Thunderwolves


Rams 10.6.66 – 4.6.30 Sharks

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