Tuesday, 2 July 2013

TWELVE Rams players in Brit Cup squads

TWELVE Huddersfield Rams players have been selected to compete in two AFLCNE select sides for the 2013 ACM Sports Brit Cup on Saturday 6th July. 

British players from all the AFLCNE teams have been selected, with 12 of the 32 players coming from the Rams.

Seasoned professionals, such as Luke Booth, Matt Whiteley and Karl Haigh, have been selected alongside some of the newer players including: Ross Shirtliffe, John Piper and Alex Overton. The full squads are available below.

AFLCNE 1st Team
1. Connelly (Thunder)
2. Whiteley (Rams)
3. Bickerdicke (Rams)
4. Vardy (Thunder)
5. Matt Kilheeney (Mozzies)
6. Booth (Rams)
7. Whalley (Minotaurs)
8. Boyd (Mozzies)
9. Haigh (Rams)
10. R. Wilson (Rams)
11. Knowles (Minotaurs)
12. Mike Kilheeny (Mozzies)
13. B. Wilson (Mozzies)
14. Sunderland (Rams)
15. Birkette (Thunder)
16. Baxter (Tigers)

AFLCNE 2nd team
1. Shirtcliffe (Rams)
2. Brown (Rams)
3. Singh (Mozzies)
4. Piper (Rams)
5. Campbell (Minotaurs)
6. Overton (Rams)
7. Clinghan (Tigers)
8. Kemp (Minotaurs)
9. Dawson (Rams)
10. Clayton (Rams)
11. Bell (Thunder)
12. Harris (Tigers)
13. Hollingworth (Rams)
14. Kincade-Munn (Thunder)
15. Naylor (Thunder)
16. Merrick (Thunder)

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