Wednesday, 5 June 2013

[VIDEO] Karl Haigh On Second Manchester Defeat And Future Of The Club.

Rams founder Karl Haigh talks about another close game against Manchester which saw the club lose to the Mozzies for the second time this season. 

Karl also gives his reaction to the social media slurs of  Sheffield Thunder, during a conversation with Leeds Minotaurs, who have already written off their games against Huddersfield, with thoughts of the playoffs. (see below video for the conversation)

The conversation between @LeedsMinotaurs and @ShefThunder on Twitter:  
Image Courtesy of Twitter: Click to Englarge


  1. yeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!! lets do it boys!!! what noise does a Ram make????? BOOOOM!!!! GO THE MIGHTY RAMS X

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  3. I'm reading the twitter conversation and fail to see how any of those clubs 'slur' Huddersfield. The Leeds twitter don't even mention Huddersfield.

    Is Matt Jaggar trying to be a tabloid journo by making up stories?
    I thought the game is thriving in the UK. Clearly not if clubs employ some nuff nuff to write absolute tosh.

  4. Dictionary definition of a slur: "An insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation." The tweet in question insinuated that Huddersfield were no longer an opposition, but merely a place where Sheffield Thunder "gotta take some points". This is a slur against the club, its reputation and an insult to the training and hard work they put in by every player, every week. Comments such as this would be best left in a private conversation if you don't want them to end up as "tabloid journo stories", rather that on a public social network that can be accessed by anyone.


  5. Good to see you've changed it.

  6. Didn't want anyones feelings hurt boys. Aussie Rules Family. Why are you using a Summer Heights High characters name though, little bit childish.

  7. Who is this uneducated cranck? Wait till this season..plenty of banter coming from the sidelines.